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Governance Guides: Five Essential Practices of Governance In this series of Governance Guides, Management Sciences for Health (MSH), through USAID's Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) Project, shares practical ways to govern your health system well -- even if you have little prior experience in governance.

The Facilitator’s Guide for Integrating Leadership and Management Curriculum into Pre-service Health Institutions guide leads local leadership and management facilitators from health education institutes through the process of integrating practical, action-oriented leadership and management approaches into pre-service health curricula using a three phased approach: (1) engagement; (2) adapta

This publication makes the case for putting people at the center of health systems strengthening.

Participation in problem definition improves the quality of solutions and the willingness of stakeholders to help define practical ways to implement the solutions. Stakeholder participation to define solutions in turn improves the willingness and ability of stakeholders to implement the solutions.

This training handbook is designed to facilitate the governance orientation and continuing governance education of the leaders and officials who govern district health systems.

The Leadership, Management and Governance (LMG) Project used this guide with Reproductive Health Uganda (RHU) and introduced it to WAHO member states during the Good Practices Forum in July 2015. In January 2016 it was shared with participants at the International Conference on Family Planning in Indonesia. 

This field guide has been designed to be used by health program directors and managers of community-based programs who are considering using community mobilization to improve health at the individual, family, and community level.

The tool uses a scale from 1-5 to rate the capacity of the CSO in four specific M&E dimensions: 1. Planning2. Structures and human resources3. Process and procedures4. Data and information management

The Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool can be utilized for the development of baseline and periodic capacity assessments of an organization, helping users to measure how an organization’s capacity changes over time.

Stewardship is the ethical use of common resources in pursuit of financially efficient outcomes. This Setting a Shared Strategic Direction for Health Systems Strengthening guide explores the nature of the practice of stewarding scarce resources (human, financial, political, and technological), and principles and activities that will strengthen organizations' capacity for such stewardship.

The Training of Facilitators Guide was addresses the need to develop strong facilitators of the Leadership Development Program. This tool provides a step-by-step guide to delivering a workshop that will help build a critical mass of facilitators with the necessary skills to lead the six-month-long Leadership Development Program with minimum oversight.

Using the standard dashboard can improve organizational performance by enhancing reporting processes, reducing the volume of data and information targeted at an overwhelmed manager, and promoting timely decision-making.

This pre-service guide leads local L&M facilitators from health education institutes through the process of integrating practical, action-oriented L&M approaches into pre-service health curricula using a three phased approach: (1) engagement; (2) adaptation; and (3) implementation and institutionalization.

The Essential Management Package (EMP) is a toolkit of proven leadership development approaches that has been tailored for use by physical rehabilitation centers or other organizations providing services to people with disabilities.

La metodología MCS se contiene una guía para los gerentes futuros de programas, lo que les enseña sobre el valor de promoción de la salud y proporciona instrucciones para su aplicación; así como las herramientas que se proporcionan a los gobiernos locales para que puedan equipar sus comunidades con herramientas para la vigilancia en salud y programas de de

Improving governance is one of the essential elements of realizing the dream of a strong health system achieving greater health impact. Good governance enables the effective use of medicines, information, human resources, and finances to deliver better health service performance and better health outcomes.

The In-service Leadership, Management and Governance Syllabus provides an action-oriented instructional pathway for health leaders, managers, and their teams to improve their leadership and management skills and the governance of health programs. It leverages reliable tools and processes for addressing challenges and producing measurable results through team projects.

The Pre-service Leadership, Management and Governance Syllabus assists pre-service training institutions to effectively and efficiently integrate leadership, management, and governance practices into existing curricula.

The communication and coaching skills program supports managers in the health care system to coach their teams and nurture their staff for improved organizational performance also supporting the implementation of other development interventions.

African regional organizations play critical roles in advancing health and development agendas. To enhance understanding of the contributions and role of regional bodies engaged in health in Africa, the African Strategies for Health (ASH) project reviewed the evidence on regionalization and the relationships, strategic advantages, and limitations of regional actors. 

PROGRES is a master organizational capacity assessment tool developed by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) staff in February 2014.

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These briefing cards detail the linkages between sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and other key development issues including environmental sustainability, gender equality, economic growth, educational attainment, and broader health goals.