MTaPS Program Brochure


Funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and led by Management Sciences for Health (MSH), the goal of the five-year MTaPS program (2018–2023) is to help low and middle-income countries strengthen their pharmaceutical systems to ensure sustainable access to and appropriate use of safe, effective, quality-assured, and affordable essential medicines and pharmaceutical services. The MTaPS approach to strengthening sustainable pharmaceutical systems will build country ownership and self-reliance, drawing on the following guiding principles: engage stakeholders early and often; help stakeholders assess problems and root causes and analyze option; facilitate stakeholders’ decisions regarding solutions and provide the tools needed to effect system change, including policies and standard operating procedure; change the processes prioritized through options analysis and build the capacity of relevant stakeholders, particularly local organizations, to sustain system change; assess progress using pharmaceutical system strengthening (PSS) metrics when applicable.