Dextrose Boluses Versus Burette Dextrose Infusions in Prevention of Hypoglycemia Among Preterms Admitted at Mulago Hospital: An Open Label Randomized Clinical Trial

Journal Article
  • E. Kutamba
  • S. Lubega
  • J. Mugalu
  • J. Ouma
  • E. Mupere
Afr Health Sci.
14(3) (Sep, 2014): 502–509

Hypoglycemia is a major cause of morbidity and mortality among preterm infants, and its management remains a challenge in resource-limited settings. Use of dextrose infusion by the recommended infusion pumps is not feasible in our environment due to their high costs, and yet the current use of mini dextrose boluses with syringes as adapted at Mulago National Referral and Tertiary Teaching Hospital has unknown efficacy in prevention of hypoglycemia. We determined the efficacy of dextrose infusions by burettes versus two hourly dextrose boluses in prevention of hypoglycemia among preterms admitted in the first 72 hours at Special Care Unit, Mulago Hospital. Continuous 10% dextrose infusion by burettes reduced the incidence of hypoglycemia by 81% in the first 72 hours of admission compared to two hourly 10% mini dextrose boluses among preterms admitted at Special Care Unit, Mulago Hospital.

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