Strengthening Capacity of Midwives in Burkina Faso

Project Overview

The FCI Program of MSH works to increase women's access to skilled birth attendance and to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality in the Sahel and northern regions of Burkina Faso by strengthening the technical skills of maternal and newborn health care providers, including midwives. Through the project Strengthening the Capacity of Midwives in Burkina Faso, with support from Johnson & Johnson, the FCI Program of MSH works with the Ministry of Health, schools of public health, and three national midwifery associations to adapt midwifery training modules to national norms and protocols and to the specific health and contextual needs in the Sahel and northern regions.

Maternal and newborn health expert trainers learn adapted training modules of evidence-based curricula to help mothers and babies survive childbirth; with continuing support from the FCI Program of MSH, these maternal and newborn health experts provide in-service training, ongoing mentorship, and supportive supervision to mid-level providers at district and tertiary level health clinics and hospitals; the three Burkinabe national midwifery associations help to share and consolidate lessons from their practice and trainings.

The FCI Program of MSH also advocates for stronger political commitment of regional health teams in the Sahel and northern regions to engage in and sustain high-quality care, supportive supervision and continuous learning of mid-level providers, including midwives.