Leadership, Management, and Governance Project in Afghanistan

Project Overview

Despite persistent security challenges confronting the Afghan rural population and health workers, the health sector in Afghanistan is in a phase of consolidation of important achievements it realized after September 2001 through a well-designed and sustained reconstruction and capacity building efforts, with the assistance of the international community. The LMG/Afghanistan program provides essential support to the Afghan Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and Ministry of Education (MOE) to strengthen established service delivery systems in order to increase further coverage of populations in need and improve their quality.

One of the main goals of LMG/Afghanistan is to strengthen Afghan financial management systems and capacity at the MOPH and MOE to help meet the objective set at the 2010 Kabul International Conference, in which the goal was adopted that 50% of public development assistance allocated to Afghanistan would be handled by the Afghan public sector financial management system.

LMG also assists the MOPH on its goal of institutionalizing leadership, management, and governance capacity building of the health work force, in particular through the strengthening the MoPH’s Management and Leadership Development Directorate.