Our signature innovations include:

  • MSH technical advisors helped Malawi’s ministry of health to develop a better approach to preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV, called Option B+. It works around Malawi’s shortage of CD4 testing capabilities while providing superior care for mothers, and is quickly becoming a gold standard for high HIV burden countries.

  • Health teams must be well-trained to overcome all the obstacles to delivering high-quality care. But a centrally located training session isn’t accessible to everyone who needs it. So we created the Virtual Leadership Development Program, based on a web-based platform. It’s available in six languages and has now reached over 2700 participants in 59 countries.

  • When people get sick in developing countries, they’re likely to go straight to a local drug seller.  But they’re likely to get the wrong drug, in the wrong dose. MSH has developed projects that train, license and monitor local drug sellers, creating health shops that truly benefit their communities.
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