Pediatric TB

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that each year, children account for over 500,000 new cases annually and up to 80,000 children die from the disease. Due to missed diagnosis, these global figures likely underestimate the burden of childhood TB.

MSH has made ending childhood TB a priority. We work with governments to improve the diagnosis and management of TB in children and to integrate childhood TB control activities into standard pediatric service packages. We promote contact investigation to identify children exposed to TB and are expanding isoniazid prevention treatment.

  • In Ethiopia, through the HEAL TB project, MSH helped develop a national roadmap on prevention and control of childhood TB, launched in July 2015. The project has provided training for health workers in the identification and management of TB in children and has initiated isoniazid prevention treatment for almost 700 children under age five.
  • In Afghanistan, through the Challenge TB project, MSH has intensified case finding among children in 15 provinces and has started isoniazid prevention treatment for 4,678 children under age five.
  • In Uganda, through the TRACK TB project, MSH helped develop treatment guidelines and pediatric TB training materials, and also implemented a training of trainers' course for childhood TB capacity-building.
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