Health Systems Strengthening & Capacity Building

Although the international community provides significant resources to support malaria control efforts throughout Africa and other affected regions, national level systems are limiting factors related to how impactful these external contributions will be. Without strong leadership, adherence to high-quality program management and support for improved governance, targets for malaria reduction cannot be met.

MSH works with NMCPs and their respective Ministries of Health to support improvement of malaria services by working with them to strengthen integrated health service delivery, building capacity at the central, district, facility and community levels. MSH supports revision of national strategies and guidelines, improved training curricula, support for supervision, providing a platform for improving performance of the supply chain and its related systems, and engaging the private sector.

MSH is an international leader in assisting national health systems and NMCPs in particular to identify institutional gaps, develop plans to address these gaps and guiding them through the process of plan implementation. Specifically, MSH has been instrumental in assisting NMCPs to improve management of their Global Fund resources including supporting the seconding of additional, highly-qualified technical staff that lead the management of national technical strategies and provide oversight for improved project implementation.

MSH is recognized for its innovation in supporting the concept of a continuum of care approach to integrated health service delivery. MSH has been able to leverage malaria-specific funding to improve and scale up comprehensive child and maternal health services, supporting the development of the entire health system, which, in turn, leads to higher quality malaria services, reducing related morbidity and mortality. Essential components include support for training and supervision throughout the entire health system, from the central level down to the community.