Since 1980, MSH has partnered with Haiti's Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) and with local NGOs to strengthen the health system and develop effective and efficient ways to meet the needs of the Haitian population for equitable, high-quality health services. Working with primary financial support from USAID and recently the World Bank, MSH’s efforts in Haiti have spanned all levels of the national health system and all ten of the country's geographic departments.

Led and staffed mainly by Haitian nationals, MSH's office in Port-au-Prince has addressed the full range of health system components that improve the reach, quality, equity, and impact of health services. This includes reinforcing the Ministry’s leadership, management, and governance capacity, developing key health strategies and tools such as the Package of Essential Services, training service providers, increasing the use of data for decision-making, expanding the coverage of key health issues in the media, ensuring health commodity security, and implementing sustainable approaches to health financing. MSH pioneered the introduction of results-based financing (RBF) for health at the central level and is now working toward nationwide roll-out of the model through support at the district and facilities levels.

Haiti has been hit by two devastating natural disasters in less than a decade—the 2010 earthquake and Hurricane Matthew in 2016. After each of these catastrophes, MSH was a key partner of the MSPP in mobilizing resources, rebuilding a massively damaged heath system, assessing the ability of service delivery points to meet the urgent needs of affected communities, and reinforcing the resiliency of the health system to perform under pressure.

Under the USAID-funded Leadership, Management and Governance Project (LMG) (2012-2017), MSH works in partnership with the MSPP to generate inspired leadership, sound management, and transparent governance for stronger heath teams, organizations, and ultimately healthier Haitians.

Under the Projet d’Amélioration de la Santé Maternelle et Infantile a travers des Services Sociaux Intégrés project (PASMISSI) – Financement Basé sur les Résultats (2016-present), funded by the World Bank, MSH provides technical and financial support to the MSPP to monitor nationwide roll-out of the Result Based Financing - RBF model through support at the district and health facility levels. MSH supports 123 health facilities across four target departments to reinforce the capacity of health personnel through the use of the RBF program to improve access, quality, and availability of health services offered to the population.

Our Projects

Project Name Health Systems Health Areas Date
Integrated Social Services for Improved Maternal and Infant Health project Leadership, Management & Governance, Financing Health Services HIV & AIDS, Tuberculosis, Women, Children, and Adolescents' Health, Malaria 2016 - 2019
Grant Management Solutions
Leadership, Management & Governance HIV & AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria 2012 - 2017
Supply Chain Management System
Pharmaceutical Management HIV & AIDS 2006 - 2016
Leadership, Management & Sustainability Project in Haiti
Leadership, Management & Governance HIV & AIDS January 01, 2010 - March 15, 2015
Santé pour le Développement et la Stabilité d’Haiti
HIV & AIDS, Tuberculosis 2012 - 2013
Leadership Management and Governance Project in Haiti
Leadership, Management & Governance, Financing Health Services HIV & AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria 2012 - 2017

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