MSH has been active in country since 1973 when a large USAID-funded program began that strengthened the MOPH and supported the expansion of health services.

MSH worked with the Afghan Minister of Public Health to ensure that a “Basic Package of Health Services,” focusing on reducing maternal and child mortality be made available to rural Afghans living in all 34 provinces. This package, from 2002 through the present (2012), has been largely responsible for the dramatic reduction in maternal and child mortality that has occurred since 2002. The 2010 Afghan National Mortality Survey found that maternal mortality had fallen more than 70% since 2002 and that under–5 mortality had been reduced by more than 60%.

MSH’s 220 staff in country are implementing three large programs addressing areas such as: health systems strengthening; leadership, management, and governance development; capacity building; supply chain management; tuberculosis control; family planning; and child and reproductive health. Most recently, MSH has played amajor role in the certification of the Ministry of Public Health to receive US government funds directly, the provision of essential drugs to 8 million people living in the rural areas of 13 provinces, and the establishment of a community-based health care system with 23,000 community health volunteers.

Current and recent programs working in Afghanistan include:

  • Leadership, Management and Governance Project (LMG) 2011-2016
  • TB CARE I 2010-2015
  • Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival (BASICS) 2008-2011
  • Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) 2007-2015
  • Grants Management Solutions (GMS) 2007-2012
  • Technical Support to the Central and Provincial Ministry of Public Health, Communication for Behavior Change: Expanding Access to Private Sector Health Products and Services in Afghanistan (COMPRI-A) 2006-2012
  • Afghanistan Technical Support to the Central and Provincial Ministry of Public Health (Tech-Serve) 2006-2012
  • Leadership, Management, and Sustainability Program (LMS) 2005-2010
  • Tuberculosis Control Assistance Program (TB CAP) 2005-2011

Other notable historic programs include Rural Expansion of Afghanistan Community-Based Health Care Program (REACH), Accelerating Contraceptive Use (ACU) Project, and Afghanistan Health Services Enhancement Project.

Our Projects

Project Namesort descending Health Systems Health Areas Date
Leadership, Management and Governance Project Health Information, Human Resources for Health, Leadership, Management & Governance Family Planning & Reproductive Health, HIV & AIDS, Tuberculosis 2011 - 2016
Leadership, Management, and Governance Project in Afghanistan Leadership, Management & Governance 2012 - 2015
Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems Afghanistan Associate Award Project Pharmaceutical Management Chronic Diseases 2011 - 2015
TB CARE I Health Information, Health Service Delivery HIV & AIDS, Tuberculosis 2010 - 2015

Country Team

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