International and Small Business Partners

Saving lives and improving the health of impoverished and at-risk populations around the world is not a challenge we can meet alone.  We believe in collaborating with like-minded organizations to maximize our resources, deliver value for money, and promote sustainable improvements in health.  MSH works routinely with other international organizations, nonprofits, educational institutions, and small business partners to develop collaborative solutions to shared concerns. We are committed to being a transparent and collaborative partner with like-minded organizations and businesses around the globe. 

MSH also partners with small businesses whenever possible. MSH works with small businesses in a variety of ways: as a source of goods; for services; and for technical work including capacity building, quality assurance, and proposal writing and professional consulting.  

We are always looking for new small business partners and to build collaborative relationships and want to hear more about the goals and capabilities of your organization.  For more information on partnering with MSH, or to introduce yourself to our team, please complete our new partner form. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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