Government Donors


For over 45 years, MSH has implemented high-impact programs for a wide variety of partner governments, development banks and international agencies around the world. In support of our mission to save lives and improve health, we are a valued partner with  the United States Agency for International Development(USAID), and the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC); other bilateral donors, including the British government, (DFID), the Canadian government and the Swedish government, (SIDA); and directly with partner governments, such as the Government of Malawi and the Government of Gabon.  MSH is also proud to have worked in partnership with many international institutions including the World Health OrganizationWorld Bank, the Inter-American Development BankUNFPA, and UNICEF.  

Our team of experts works with our donors and partners to provide a positive and measurable impact on health problems by developing programs that are innovative, use evidence-based approaches, and deliver proven results at scale.  We support the Sustainable Development Goals and work to reduce the impact of poverty.  We develop programs aimed at the most vulnerable and at-risk populations, including women and girls

 Current list of MSH donors

Through these programs we have become a valued, trusted partner of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).  


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