Bangladesh Improving Family Planning Systems with UIMS

Madaripur Sadar is one of 483 upazilas (or sub-districts) in Bangladesh that have installed the Upazila Inventory Management System (UIMS) -- a computer program developed by the USAID | DELIVER PROJECT and updated by Management Sciences for Health's (MSH's) Strengthening Pharmaceutical Systems (SPS) Program for Bangladesh's Directorate General of Family Planning (DGFP).

With a total of 101 service delivery points, Madaripur Sadar is a large upazilla in terms of family planning area coverage and the number of field workers deployed. Rabeya Begum, the Upazila Family Planning Assistant (UFPA) of Madaripur Sadar, is the focal person for UIMS, Personal Management Information System (PMIS), and services data in her upazila. She is responsible for performing multiple tasks, such as accounts, store management and ad-hoc report preparation.

Begum received training on UIMS2 from MSH's SPS Program in May 2011 and successfully generated reports in the following month. One of several web-based tools available through the award-winning Supply Chain Information Portal (SCIP), UIMS2 is a desktop software that enables an upazila to maintain store inventory and automate supply planning, issue voucher preparation, and monthly LMIS reporting (Form 7B).

"I can now prepare all issue vouchers and generate the monthly report and issue vouchers for 101 staff correctly using UIMS2 software in less than a day," said Begum. "This used to take me at least 3 days to prepare manually; and monthly reporting was impossible before the 15th of the next month. But now, it only takes me less than a day to complete and send by the 3rd of the next month. It also helps me in performing multi-task quite effectively and efficiently."

The current version (UMIS 2) has an option to upload monthly reports directly to DGFP's Supply Chain Information Portal (SCIP) and has a one click back-up feature, which can preserve data and prevent data loss.

The UIMS and UIMS2 software have enhanced the efficiency of upazila family planning store staff and assisted in error-free recording and reporting. It also increased the reliability and validity of logistics data tremendously.

"UIMS2 has made my life easier," said Begum.

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