Permanent Contraception Helps a Ugandan Man Care for His Family

James Tenywa in Uganda. {Photo credit: MSH.}Photo credit: MSH.

James Tenywa, a 43-year-old shop owner living in the eastern region district of Kamuli in Uganda, is the father of ten children and husband to two wives. After his tenth child, James realized how hard it was to provide food, shelter and education for his children and he felt he was having trouble supporting such a large family.

He heard people in his village talk about family planning -- including the option of a vasectomy as a method available for men. However, it was rare for men in the village to take part in family planning. James asked some of the community members what they knew about getting a vasectomy. They told him it would cost more than $20 to have the procedure done at a private clinic.

James spoke to the director of his village health team to ask what other less expensive options were available. The director told him about a clinic located in the center of town -- called Family Life Education Program’s (FLEP)’s Busoga Diocese clinic -- which provided this service free of charge. FLEP is a community organization supported by MSH-led STRIDES for Family Health (STRIDES), which is funded by USAID.

FLEP has helped increase accessibility and utilization of quality long-acting and permanent methods to women and couples in Kaliro, Kamuli and Mayuge Districts in Uganda.

n January 2011, James had a successful vasectomy performed at the FLEP clinic. He has had no side effects since the procedure. Testimonies of community members who have received services successfully, such as James, help improve the reputation family planning has in more rural areas. The friends with whom he has shared his experience have been supportive, and a couple of them are considering the procedure for themselves now.

James said that more people in his village have become interested in family planning; they have learned that it is one way of helping to solve the problems of providing food, shelter, and education for their children.

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