MSH Launches the Virtual Center for Leadership and Management

MSH announces the launch of the Virtual Center for Leadership and Management (VCLM) website, the home of MSH’s innovative internet-based leadership and management learning programs, networks, and resources. The mission of the VCLM is to address gaps in the leadership, governance, and management skills and education of health professionals around the world.

Since 2002, with support from USAID, MSH’s suite of virtual programs has strengthened the management and leadership skills of over 3,000 health professionals while supporting more than 300 teams to improve performance in their respective organizations. More than 5,000 health professionals worldwide are members of MSH-sponsored virtual networks which offer online seminars on management, leadership, and governance. And, on average, more than 7,000 users a month are accessing proven tools and approaches to strengthen organizational performance.

Visitors to the VLCM website will find:

  • Virtual Programs for Organizational Strengthening. The VCLM website offers general information in English, French, and Spanish on all of MSH’s current and future virtual programs. MSH’s virtual learning programs are online training programs facilitated by organizational development specialists and experts in key health areas. Programs enroll up to 12 organizational teams that consist of 4 to 10 people who work together on a regular basis. MSH’s virtual programs require that participating teams develop and implement an action plan, a strategic plan, or a business plan during the 8- to 20-week program period. Facilitators follow up with teams six-months after the program to gather data and results achieved by the teams.

    Topics include leadership development, business and strategic planning, human resource management, and board governance, among others. As the demand for this type of training grows, MSH is responding by expanding the topics covered and available languages, as well as increasing the frequency of programs offered per year.
  • Global Leadership and Management Networks of Health Professionals. LeaderNet and the Global Exchange Network for Reproductive Health are multilingual networks each with over 3,000 health professionals from more than 140 countries. These networks host seminars online that allow for a worldwide exchange on priority health management and leadership topics.
  • Tools and Resources for Health Managers. The Health Manager’s Toolkit is a multilingual electronic library of tools provided by MSH and partner organizations that health professionals can use to build their knowledge and skills in leadership, management, and governance. 

The VCLM was developed by MSH's Leadership, Management and Sustainability (LMS) Program.A five-year cooperative agreement funded by the United States Agency for International Development, the LMS Program develops managers and leaders who achieve results in the areas of reproductive health, HIV & AIDS, infectious disease, and maternal and child health.

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