USAID/Madagascar and MSH Launch the MIKOLO Project

 {Photo credit: Heidi Yanulis}MIKOLO Project Director John YanulisPhoto credit: Heidi Yanulis

Over 100 guests attended the USAID/Madagascar MIKOLO project launch on December 4, 2013 at the MSH office in Antananarivo, Madagascar. Participants included public health experts in Madagascar, as well as MSH founder, Ron O’Connor.

Dr. O’Connor spoke at the launch, as did MIKOLO Project Director John Yanulis and USAID Mission Director Susan Riley, setting the stage for strong collaboration and support from USAID/Madagascar.  

Over the next five years, the USAID/Madagascar MIKOLO project (formerly the Primary Health Care project) will increase community-based primary health care service uptake and the adoption of healthy behaviors, particularly for women of reproductive age, infants, and children under five. The project will focus its efforts in communities further than 5 km from a health center in six of Madagascar’s 22 regions, where access to and quality of primary health care services is limited. The project is implemented by MSH, in partnership with Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Overseas Strategic Consulting, Ltd. (OSC), and Malagasy partners Action Socio-sanitaire Organisation Secours (ASOS) and Institut Technologique de l’Education et du Management(ITEM).

Mr. Yanulis said the launch was a huge success and “has set the tone for a fast mobilization of the MSH team on the ground to move towards immediate implementation.” The USAID mission acknowledged all the effort that has gone into getting this project off the ground successfully, and there was a general sense of excitement. The MIKOLO team is preparing to begin technical implementation at the start of the new year, and looks forward to great results.  

[USAID Mission Director Susan Riley]{Photo credit: Heidi Yanulis}USAID Mission Director Susan RileyPhoto credit: Heidi Yanulis

[MSH founder Ron O'Connor]{Photo credit: Heidi Yanulis}MSH founder Ron O'ConnorPhoto credit: Heidi Yanulis

[Laura Dills (Catholic Relief Services), Lalah Rambeloson (MSH), John Yanulis (MSH)]{Photo credit: Heidi Yanulis}Laura Dills (Catholic Relief Services), Lalah Rambeloson (MSH), John Yanulis (MSH)Photo credit: Heidi Yanulis


[MIKOLO puppet show]{Photo credit: Heidi Yanulis}MIKOLO puppet showPhoto credit: Heidi Yanulis


[MIKOLO team]{Photo credit: Heidi Yanulis}MIKOLO teamPhoto credit: Heidi Yanulis

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