The Power of Partnership: Working Together to Restore Maternal and Pediatric Health in Haiti

Port-au-Prince, Haiti, On November 3, 2010, three non-governmental organizations (NGOs), AmeriCares, Management Sciences for Health and Containers to Clinics, unveiled an innovative clinic to restore quality healthcare services for women and children at Grace Children's Hospital in Port-au-Prince. Grace Children's Hospital (GCH) lost about 80% of its buildings plus medical records and equipment due to the January 12th earthquake; these NGO partners seek to restore the hospital as a leading healthcare provider for women and children.  To that end, they are supporting the installation and operation of a new maternal care unit.

Containers to Clinics (C2C) built the new clinic out of recycled shipping containers and outfitted the facility with furniture, medical equipment and utilities for primary and preventive health interventions.  The clinic's services include health screening, vaccinations, pre-and post-natal care, pregnancy care, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS (PMTCT), nutrition counseling, and health education courses. 

The use of shipping containers as the primary building material ensures the clinic's durability, adaptability and security. "Containers to Clinics is excited to collaborate in this robust partnership with Management Sciences for Health and AmeriCares to provide an innovative clinical delivery system for the patients of Grace Children's Hospital," said Elizabeth Sheehan, Founder & President of C2C.  "The partnership is proof that NGOs, local Haitian institutions and the Ministry of Health can collaborate to successfully deliver the highest quality of primary health care and health education to the women and children of Haiti."

AmeriCares will deliver medicines and medical supplies to support both the clinic pharmacy and help restock the hospital's main inventory, and Management Sciences for Health (MSH) will oversee monthly data collection and evaluation. GCH doctors and nurses will staff the clinic, and C2C will manage a site coordinator to ensure proper functioning of operations.

"AmeriCares is excited about working together to help restore health services to Haitian mothers and their children.  Restoring health care capacity and providing medical assistance for maternal-child health is a core piece of our ongoing Haiti relief efforts," said Christoph Gorder, Senior Vice President of Global Programs for AmeriCares. "AmeriCares vision is to help many more people live longer, healthier lives, a vision I know is shared by our partners, MSH and Containers to Clinics.  This innovative program is a critical component to helping strengthen Haiti's health care system."

"The MSH team in Haiti is proud of this exciting new partnership with C2C and AmeriCares.  The installation of the "ready-made" clinic in containers at Grace Children's Hospital not only meets a need for a facility that was destroyed by the earthquake, but is also a first step toward providing basic health services, especially to women and children, some living in areas with little or no access to such services," said Agma Prins, Chief of Party, SDSH-MSH.  

"This partnership is very important because it will be a significant value-added to ICC/Grace Children's efforts to maintain services to the needy population during this overwhelming moment in Haiti's history," said the hospital's Executive Director Dr. Rudolph Magloire.

Through this partnership, the clinic will provide high-quality, sustainable and well-resourced services to maternal patients while the hospital's campus is being rebuilt. C2C clinics are constructed for low-resource settings and replication.  After evaluation of the pilot clinic, the NGO partners will assess future growth opportunities for the clinical and operational models. 

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