Pure Water for the World in Haiti

About 60,000 children from 229 schools in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, now have access to clean water, thanks to the Clean Water for Haiti Project designed by Pure Water for the World (http://www.purewaterfortheworld.org) and Management Sciences for Health (MSH), and funded by USAID, Rotary International, and the Safe Water Institute.

These children have access to both this potable water and an education and thus can bring water and messages about the importance of clean water and hygiene home to their families—a key strategy employed by the project.

Pure Water for the World uses a bio-sand filter that is highly effective, inexpensive, and simple to operate (http://www.purewaterfortheworld.org/the-solution/). It can be made with locally available materials and produced in the country.

Unclean water carries bacteria and parasites that cause illnesses such as diarrhea—one of the primary causes of childhood illness and death in Haiti and many other developing countries.

Partners since the launch of the MSH-implemented Santé pour le Développement et la Stabilité d’Haïti (SDSH) Program, MSH and Pure Water hosted an event in the Cité Soleil slum in Port-au-Prince for the US Ambassador to Haiti, Janet A. Sanderson, in December. Ambassador Sanderson lauded the program for its successes and emphasized the importance of clean water for improving the lives and the health of children in Haiti.

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