MSH Senior Fellow Dr. Jonathan D. Quick Contributes Articles About Flu Pandemic to The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Jonathan D. Quick, MSH Senior Fellow Emeritus, has two articles in The Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine.

In his WSJ essay, “An Action Plan for Averting the Next Flu Pandemic,” Dr. Quick argues that we are not ready for the next flu pandemic and proposes the acceleration of a range of public-health measures, including work on a universal vaccine.

He writes, “It might seem impossible to prevent future pandemics, but when leaders in public health, government, and business have come together in the past, we have won the wars against smallpox, SARS, Ebola, and a whole host of other devastating attackers. Too often, however, we have waited until the body count and panic rose to a crescendo. What turned the tide in every instance was the combination of urgency and political will. We need to approach the problem of flu as if all the fury of a pandemic were bearing down upon us today.”

In his TIME piece, “Our Complacency About the Flu is Killing Us,” Dr. Quick explains why the US influenza epidemic cannot be ignored.

“I truly believe the risk to humanity of continued foot-dragging is huge. Scientists and health officials know what’s needed and what we should be doing. But we’re simply not moving fast enough with the right leadership and enough resources.”

Dr. Quick offers practical examples of actions that can be taken at the personal and political level to “shake this collective complacency—and make our country and the world as safe as possible from these serious and all too real public health threats.”

His new book, The End of Epidemics: The Looming Threat to Humanity and How to Stop It, will be published January 30th by St. Martin’s Press.

All proceeds from the book go to Management Sciences for Health.