Global Health Magazine Publishes Article by MSH Staff on Capacity Building and Gender

This month's Global Health Magazine, published by the Global Health Council, looks at "Moving Toward Gender Equitable Health Organizations," in an article written by MSH Staff.

The authors, Sarah Johnson, Ummuro Adano, and Willow Gerber work on the US Agency for International Development-funded AIDSTAR-Two Project. The article examines how the project's organizational capacity building framework speaks to many gender equality principles and helps illustrate entry points for assessing and addressing gender within organizational capacity building.

Sarah Johnson is the director of the AIDSTAR-Two Project, Management Sciences for Health (MSH). Ummuro Adano is the deputy director and senior technical advisory for capacity building for AIDSTAR-Two. Willow Gerber is the knowledge management officer at AIDSTAR-Two.

The MSH-led AIDSTAR-Two Project contributes to stronger and more sustainable, country-led HIV & AIDS programs, organizations, and networks by offering systematic organizational capacity-building assistance.

Read the full article from Global Health Magazine.