"A Really Big Change": Global Health Leader Marian Wentworth

{Photo credit: Warren Zelman}Marian Wentworth visits the Soroti Regional Referral Hospital in Mbale, Uganda.Photo credit: Warren Zelman

MSH CEO Marian Wentworth was interviewed by Global Health NOW. Part 2 of the interview was published today.

When Marian Wentworth took charge of Management Sciences for Health in March, the global health NGO had been through a rough few years. It had shed a third of its workforce after some large contracts ended. Her top priority was making sure MSH was "was right sized or healed from its right sizing," Wentworth says.

Now, she says, “I see a lot of things actually swinging into MSH's sweet spot. I'm really optimistic for MSH's future.”

As she settled in to being MSH’s president and CEO, she's relied on 3 trademarks of her leadership style: Candidness, transparency and having a diverse leadership team. “I'm more likely to have a hodge-podge of different folks on my leadership team than a bunch of people that look like mini-me’s,” says Wentworth, a former vice president of global vaccines strategy for Merck.

In this second part of her Q&A with GHN, Wentworth discusses the challenge of a project-based business, her transition from Merck to the nonprofit world, and advice for students interested in global health.

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