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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN—The Regional Health Conference "Health for All, Health by All: Communicable Diseases Recognize No Borders," which convened in Kabul on April 17, concluded today with the signing of the Kabul Declaration on Regional Collaboration in Health by Ministers of Health and delegates from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Turkey. The Kabul Declaration calls for mobilization of political will in support of common regional policies and strategies to prevent, control, eliminate or eradicate communicable diseases in the region.

BOSTON, MA — Ms. San San Min of Management Sciences for Health was featured in the September 2003 issue of Science magazine. The article highlighted her notable contributions to the AIDS clinics in Myanmar, formerly Burma - a country with one of the worst HIV problems in Asia. Working under resource constraints and with very little support from the military government of Myanmar, Dr. Min successfully ran three of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) AIDS clinics.

BOSTON, MA (JUNE 3, 2004) — Hundreds of millions of people worldwide lack access to basic, inexpensive drugs. Because of this gap, millions die every year from treatable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, and diarrhea. The devastating impact of the AIDS pandemic can be minimized only with access to antiretroviral drug treatment and medicines to treat complications of AIDS.


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