New MSH Mobile Application Focuses on Health Governance

{Photo credit: Warren Zelman}Photo credit: Warren Zelman

Govern4Health App Available for iOS and Android Devices

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) announced the release of a new mobile application for governance, Govern4Health, at the World Health Assembly in Geneva. 

Available in versions for both Apple and Android phones, the Govern4Health app is targeted to health leaders, managers, and those who govern within health systems. An easy to understand, graphically rich interface enables users to explore four essential governing practices – cultivating accountability, engaging stakeholders, setting shared strategic direction, and stewarding resources – as well as a continuous governance enhancement. Navigating through each of these practices, the user is shown a new screen with a number of governance tasks for each practice, an example of the practice in use, and specific tools to use in support of these practices. A governance quiz is also available to test users on their gender responsiveness in governance settings. A frequently asked question (FAQ) button provides in depth information on the use of governance in health and how best to use the governance practices.

“The new Govern4Health app demystifies health governance by providing practical tasks and activities for its users,” said James A. Rice, MSH’s global technical lead for governance. “Unlike traditional methods of learning, Govern4Health provides a highly interactive way for users to learn about implementing good governance through tips, discussion forums, and quizzes, all of which can be accessed at any time.” 

MSH will release the next version of this new app in the second half of 2014, incorporating additional features such as a comments section that will allow a virtual exchange of ideas and experiences among users. In addition, users will have the option to continue to build on the knowledge they gain from Govern4Health by signing up for bi-weekly governance tips sent straight to their phone. 

The Govern4Health app was developed by Management Sciences for Health with mobile design and graphics support by Zco Inc.

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