MSH Celebrates Ebola-Free Liberia; Commits to Restoration of Health System and Ensuring Health Worker Preparedness

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) joins the people of Liberia in wholeheartedly celebrating Saturday’s World Health Organization declaration that the country is free of Ebola. Liberia has achieved a major milestone, and can begin to accelerate the journey towards re-building a more resilient health system, trusted by and responsive to the health needs of its people.

MSH is committed to traveling this journey hand in hand with our friends and colleagues in Liberia. Today we rededicate ourselves to working towards the full restoration of the basic health services that were disrupted by the Ebola epidemic, and to ensuring that in the future, the valiant health workers who risked their lives to save their fellows are better prepared for and protected against all eventualities.

We are delighted with the news, and offer our congratulations to all involved in bringing this about.

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