MSH Announces New eHandbook of Tools and Resources for Health Leaders and Managers

MSH is proud to announce the launch of a new compilation of many of our most-used and well-recognized tools and resources: Health Systems in Action: An eHandbook for Leaders and Managers. Managers of health programs and health services will find both practical and theoretical information to help them with their work to strengthen their health systems and improve health impact.

Health Systems in Action covers all the basic building blocks of a health system: achieving results; leading and managing; promoting good governance, planning, managing human resources, managing finances, monitoring and evaluation, and managing health service delivery. The eHandbook includes more than 100 electronic resources, assessment tools and checklists, as well as 20 country examples of health systems in action.

"This manual addresses, in remarkable detail, all the practical management aspects essential for health systems strengthening, but perhaps its most important contribution is its emphasis on the central element for building an effective national health system: skilled and motivated people," says Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Minister of Health, Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.

The public health and medical knowledge exists to greatly reduce illness and save millions of lives every year, especially in developing countries. But the leadership, governance, and management systems required to apply and significantly scale up this knowledge are often weak and sometimes nonexistent. Health Systems in Action reflects much of the work MSH has been doing to address this gap with our local partners and is part of our effort to support the education of health professionals around the world.

Read Health Systems in Action online.


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