GEORGETOWN, GUYANA  — Guyana, one of the 15 priority countries identified by President George W. Bush for AIDS relief, recently received US$110,000 in pediatric antiretroviral (ARV) drugs from the US Government. US Ambassador Roland Bullen transferred the life-prolonging drugs to Minister of Health Dr. Leslie Ramsammy during an official ceremony in Guyana.

CAMBRIDGE, MA (SEPTEMBER 27,2005) — The Partnership for Supply Chain Management (PSCM) has been awarded a U.S. government contract to procure and deliver life-saving medicines and medical supplies to treat HIV/AIDS patients worldwide. The contract for the Supply Chain Management System (SCMS) project was awarded through the U.S. Agency for International Development as part of the U.S.

WASHINGTON, DC  — Hoping to speed AIDS drugs from port to patient, the Bush administration awarded a $77 million contract Tuesday to help establish a new supply system for medicines and other HIV-related aid to Africa. The effort to provide worldwide HIV treatment has been complicated by developing nations' lack of basic medical supply chains: how to buy drugs at competitive prices, store them in secure warehouses, truck them thousands of miles to clinics and train workers to administer them. The new U.S.


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