{Photo Credit: Uzaib Saya}The opening ceremony of the 2015 AGOA ForumPhoto Credit: Uzaib Saya

Gabon, in collaboration with the United States, will host the 2015 U.S.-Sub-Saharan Africa Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum (known as the AGOA Forum) August 24-27 in Libreville.

 {Photo credit: Tadeo Atuhura/MSH}In six months, 485 girls in six schools in Mbale District received HIV & AIDS education.Photo credit: Tadeo Atuhura/MSH

When Sylvia Kabuya entered Mbale Progressive Secondary School in eastern Uganda, she knew little about HIV & AIDS, how it was transmitted, or where to get tested. The 16-year-old’s knowledge about the disease was based on conjecture passed among her peers. Less than 40 percent of Ugandan women aged 15 to 24 have comprehensive knowledge about HIV & AIDS, according to the 2013 Uganda Demographic Health Survey.

MSH is pleased to have recently joined the YouthPower initiative. YouthPower is a USAID-funded project that operationalizes the 2012 USAID Youth in Development Policy—the first ever global youth strategy produced by USAID. A groundbreaking multisectoral initiative, YouthPower aims to strengthen local, national, and global youth systems to achieve sustainable, positive youth outcomes in health, education, and political and economic empowerment.


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