Global Health Council Reemerges: Humanosphere Blog

Global Health Council Reemerges: Humanosphere Blog

Over on the Humanosphere blog, global health blogger Tom Murphy reported recently on changes at the Global Health Council (GHC), a membership-based coalition of global health practitioners, researchers and organizations.

After closing its doors last April, the GHC has reemerged with a more sustainable approach---and a new name: Global Health Coalition.

Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has provided support throughout the transition, and Dr. Jonathan Quick, President and CEO of MSH, is serving as interim board chair of the new GHC. Numerous other organizations are involved in the revival, including the Seattle-based Washington Global Health Alliance and the DC-based Global Impact, which is serving as the interim Secretariat.

“We are revitalizing and reimaging it as a new organization,” said Dr. Quick. “It is not the same and it won’t be the same.” Quick said that the revamped organization will emphasize a “network model” rather than a “staff model”---meaning it will employ less staff, cost less to run, and “decisions will be made by the membership rather than the staff and board alone,” noted Murphy.

Murphy continued:

Quick said that the GHC hopes to look beyond Western nations as a source for membership and coordination. He hopes that the new GHC can support similar networks in the global south. “We can have a global health network of civil society organizations,” said Quick. Such a set up would mean that there could be a greater alignment of ideas and policies with inputs from the groups on the ground and the people affected.

Read the complete post on Humanosphere. Jonathan (Jon) Jay, JD, MA, is a senior writer for Strategic Communications at MSH.

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